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Irc client for blackberry

TinCan aims to be a simple and complete IRC client written for BlackBerry It is recommended (but not required) that you use a bouncer with TinCan, so that you don't miss anything when your. PLEASE READ IT BEFORE COMENTING!! THIS APP WORKS PLEASE IF YOU ARE NOT ENTERING IRC USING WIFI ¡¡¡¡YOU NEED TO SET THE APN!!!! IRC client for you to connect your mobile to your favorite IRC. 29 Aug It evolved into the instant messaging clients we know and love today, but there are still millions of people that communicate via IRC even today. To date, there really hasn't been much in the way of IRC clients for BlackBerry, and I have seen many requests for an app in the forums. I gave Chatmosphere a.

They "do the job" but you wont find an MIRC client unfortunately. We have added it to our todo list but it doesnt have priority currently. I am currently looking into an HTML5 / PHP multi-platform notification enables group chat alternative (PB doesnt support BBM groups and some users have no BB's). Hack # Chat over IRC Enter chat rooms from anywhere by using this free client software on your device. Ah, IRC. Internet Relay Chat is a great tool to find. .. - Selection from BlackBerry Hacks [Book]. 17 Aug While working on TRC I made a collection of popular IRC clients per platform, only to realise BlackBerry 10 had no real IRC clients. The best one available seemed to be an Android client running in an emulator. So I asked a friend, collector of phones and owner of Heris IT to help me build a native IRC.

19 Jun Tin Can IRC client. building. Simulator. source qmake -spec blackberry-xqcc CONFIG+=simulator -o x86/Makefile cd x86 make blackberry-nativepackager -package ./ -devMode - configuration Simulator blackberry-deploy -installApp -launchApp. 29 Mar nstall IRC Client on BlackBerry Mobile Phone (Smart Phone) and then we suggest to install jmIrc on their BlackBerry for the IRC Chat Client Solution. There's a guy in my Eve corp that uses one, but I don't recall what it is offhand. I'll be needed one in a few weeks too, so I'll ask him and see what he says. DigitalPimp1. Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius. Registered: Mar 9, Posts: Posted: Thu Nov 01, pm. has.


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