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To get started with sending and receiving payments you only need a wallet software installed on your device. We support all major operating systems and smart phone platforms. Please use the quick steps below to get started! If you are a merchant and planning on starting to accept payments by WorldCoin, don't forget to. Pay Anyone & Anywhere. With WorldCoin system you can send payments anywhere around the world with the lowest transaction fees and lightning speed. You only need to download free WorldCoin wallet software and WorldCoin address to receive and send payments. Get started with WorldCoin. Wallet encryption allows you to secure your wallet, so that you can view transactions and your account balance, but are required to enter your password before spending Worldcoins. This provides protection from wallet malware. The Worldcoin servers are protected by modern DDoS attack protection system to prevent.

**recek Innovation:5 Marketing:2 Prospects2. my referral deposited 60 k WDC and his tx has 48 confirmations but is still missing here. Hi did 1 tx WDC before for test and this one was OK. And there is nobody to answer ticket or message via facebook. Tips(WDC) Upvote(1) Downvote(0). Complete redesign of the wallet GUI and resolving connection issues. Worldcoin Foundation - complete website redesign. Scharmbeck BETA - 12/20/13 BETA released. Android Wallet Port – under development. Client being ported to Android platform to allow. WorldCoin is a cryptocurrency that is identified by the symbol WDC.

Worldcoin (WDC) is a decentralised open-source digital currency secured by cryptography. Forked from Bitcoin in , the project's primary goal is to create a business-friendly payment system that would become the choice for merchants and consumers for everyday transactions. Worldcoin prides itself for having very fast. Desktop Wallets Official WorldCoin Desktop Wallet Web Wallets Mobile Wallets Official WorldCoin Android Wallet. The Worldcoin (WDC) Explorer lets you search for your Worldcoin wallet address, or individual Worldcoin blocks and transactions to see the status of the Worldcoin crypto-currency in real time.


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