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Does anyone know of a webdesign program similar to Microsoft Front Page. I say Frontpage because it is very simple and not very code oriented, any ideas? It has features very similar to that of Microsoft's FrontPage. Linux Alternatives To: Microsoft Frontpage. Aptana (); Geany ( ); KompoZer (); Nvu (http://www. ); Quanta Plus (); Screem (http://www. ); BlueGriffon (). There is BlueGriffon enter image description here. Is an open source, cross- platform WYSIWYG editor has reached version You can use it to >edit / design web pages and supports CSS3 and HTML5, web forms, web fonts and more. BlueGriffon.

Jan 15, Found this thread, but hasn't been updated since forums/?topic= I've used Frontpage , and would like to know if anybody can recommend something similar for Linux. I'm looking for a simple WYSIWYG editor, with the ability to upload the pages created. About Microsoft Front Page Extensions for Linux. The Front Page extensions contain cgi-bin utilities relied on by web pages generated with Front Page to do things like mail back form responses and handle search requests. They also contain an upload server that lets the Front Page program upload to and otherwise. Is there a way to run FrontPage in Linux, or is there a more native program that is free? I already have FrontPage bought.

Microsoft Frontpage is a wysiwyg HTML editor - well-know mainly through Microsoft's brand and massive advertising. However, Frontpage has never really been the choice of professionals, but remained the home users favorite tool. The later versions of Frontpage have improvde quite alot - and provide much better. Aug 15, Unfortunately, being a Microsoft product, Windows is the only supported platform, so this may be a problem if you or your organisation only uses Mac or Linux. Overall: The major problem with Frontpage is that it has been discontinued. For a start, it is no longer sold through the official Microsoft website. Oct 31, You want the Front Page Server Extensions, which are in the file called: fp The scary thing is that the combined download for MySQL, Apache and PHP is less than the size of this Frontpage Extension download. Save this as : /usr/local/download/ There is an installation.


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