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Chrysler eminem super bowl commercial

8 Feb We go behind the scenes of Chrysler's Eminem Super Bowl Commercial. 7 Feb What impact can an ad really have? Can it actually make a city feel better about itself? The answer this morning seems to be yes, thanks to Chrysler and Wieden + Kennedy. 7 Feb The most memorable ad during Sunday's Super Bowl -- Chrysler's two-minute spot featuring rap star Eminem -- was a gut-wrenching decision for the carmaker's chief executive Sergio Marchionne. "This was not an easy choice apart from the money involved and this is pretty expensive stuff, but you know.

7 Feb youtube=?v=SKLY_jtc&feature= player_embedded] My favorite ad of the Super Bowl was without a doubt Chrysler's ad featuring Eminem. The ad gave me the chills as it defined Chrysler in a new light and verified that a city like Detroit could make a luxury car. “It's. 29 Jan When Chrysler and agency Wieden + Kennedy came up with a concept that now holds the record for most expensive Super Bowl commercial of all-time at $ million USD, many were unsure if they were trying to sell a product or if they were trying to write a love song for a city that had been the butt of. 4 Aug Five years later, the ad marked a benchmark in best practices in brand storytelling. Chrysler's brand was identified strongly with the collapse of Detroit, a now legendary story of business failure and lack of innovation. Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial - Born Of Fire - NFL Super Bowl Ad.

This year, Chrysler is trying to reinvent itself starting with their new "Motor City" Super Bowl commercial featuring Detroit's own Eminem. While the song playing in the background is clearly Eminem's and is somewhat familiar, many are left wondering what the name of that track is. It's actually a remake of Lose Yourself which.


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